Valle de Guadalupe: A Must-See for Napa Wine Enthusiasts

 Valle de guadalupe experience

Valle de guadalupe experience

When we think of wine from California, most people automatically assume the best wine comes from Napa Valley. Located north of San Francisco, this fertile valley is home to some of the world’s most renowned wines. In fact, Napa has surpassed some of the most famous French wines in blind taste test in categories such as Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay. A “new Napa Valley” has emerged south of the border in Baja California, however, and is available for group tours at fraction of the price one would pay in Napa.

Wine has been produced in this region for a longer period of time than many assume, which partially explains why Valle de Guadalupe is quickly becoming known for the quality of wines produced there.  This is ironic since when we think about alcohol-based beverages from Mexico, we automatically suspect tequila and beer.

The Culture

Although Napa is more commonly visited than Guadalupe, vineyards, desert mountains and local villages await tourists who stop for a visit. In fact, engaging in a cultural getaway and enjoying the one-of-a-kind landscapes that make this region so unique for wine is what tourist’s enjoy most. Baja wineries have been an important influence on the culture of this region since the 16th century and continue to have a large impact on the economy there today. Most vineyards in Napa export the wine they produce. In order to get authentic wine from Guadalupe, however, you’ll have to take a trip to Mexico.

The Weather

By blocking clouds from the ocean, the climate in Valle de Guadalupe resembles that of Piedmont, Italy and is particularly sunny all year long. This Mediterranean type climate is perfect for enjoying the heat of the Mexican sun during the day and a cool glass of wine at night.  This is in stark contrast to Napa, where it can get quite warm during certain times of the year.

The Location

Just a few hours away from San Diego, the Valle de Guadalupe region offers insight into wine-making and couples it with quick drives to and from the famous Baja coastlines. If you presently live in Southern California, a quick 3-hour trip across the border will put you smack dab in the middle of wine country. This beats the long, 8-hour drive along busy freeways that will most likely require a hotel stay during the course of your journey.  

With its combination of exciting adventures, unique residents and unconventional landscapes - including the desert and green vineyards - the remarkable memories to be made in Valle de Guadalupe will last a lifetime. Napa Valley offers a more traditional style of wine tourism that one would expect when taking a tour of wine country.

 Valle de guadalupe winery tours

Valle de guadalupe winery tours

In order to be a true wine aficionado, one must explore new regions and appreciate the way the locals produce their wine. For those looking for an exotic trip to a foreign land with its own wine culture, a trip to the Valle de Guadalupe should be on the itinerary.  Contact us today to book your tour!