Feature Spotlight: La Casa de Doña Lupe

 Valle de guadalupe tours

Valle de guadalupe tours

It’s Organic. It’s Beautiful. It’s Delicious.

In 1968, Doña Lupe decided to create in the place she loved a vineyard and a restaurant that would be everything she wanted it to be – and as Doña Lupe is a woman for whom only the perfect will do, the vision was a perfect vineyard and a perfect restaurant.

And it came to be.

Not through magic, but through dedication. A study in serenity, an oasis of beauty and a monument to excellence. All that and, because Doña Lupe is devoted to the organic ideal, everything is natural and organic. And, forty-seven years after the dream first began to take shape, Doña Lupe is still here, a benevolent ruler over the Paradise she conceived. Ask her secret and she will tell you it is no secret: it takes love and it takes time. Nothing this good can be rushed.

The Vineyard

The Spanish inheritance of Baja California is there for all to see, but identified most clearly of all in the Garnacha vines and the delectable red and white wines they produce. Chardonnay, Merlot, Zinfandel and Cabernet Sauvignon are also on offer.

Take a walk by the vines and marvel at the wonderful Valle de Guadalupe scenery. Then try a tasting of the wines on offer at the airy outdoor patio.

The Restaurant

If there’s one place where La Casa de Doña Lupe transcends expectations more than any other, it’s here. The restaurant combines the best of the Old World and the New.

The classic Mexican appetizers. Artisan home-made pizzas. Home-made lasagna and other pastas. Sandwiches and spaghetti. Bread and cheese of a sort most people can only dream of.

And, of course, the full La Casa de Doña Lupe wine list to go with everything.

The Shop

And when the sightseeing is done, and you’re feeling just a twinge of sadness because soon you have to leave and you’re wondering how soon you’ll be able to return, stop by the shop and pick up something to remember this wonderful day by. Organic jams, salsas and seeds. Salad dressings and salad oils. Natural skin oils. You’ll find olives and olive oil, bread, cheese and sauces – all made from organic ingredients. But take enough, because you can be certain of one thing: you’re going to want to share with your friends.

 Valle de guadalupe experience

Valle de guadalupe experience

Wait No Longer

La Casa de Doña Lupe is there, waiting for you. Turn the dream to reality – just as Doña Lupe did forty-seven years ago. Contact us today to book your tour!