Valle de Guadalupe in Spring

 Valle de Guadalupe winery tour

Valle de Guadalupe winery tour

There is no bad time for a Valle de Guadalupe winery tour – but there are good times, and spring is one of them. The mountains shelter the area from storms and the sea molds the climate to the way sun lovers like it to be. March, April and May are good times to be in Baja wine country.

Clear Skies and Little Rain

You’re making this trip because you want to see where the wine is made and vines won’t grow, flower, or produce grapes unless they’re watered. By the beginning of spring, though, the winter rain that is so essential is almost over (not that it was terribly heavy to start with). The likelihood that it will be cloudy is low and the chance of rain (perhaps one day in six) is even lower. And don’t worry about the wind, because there isn’t any.

Sunshine and Warmth

The average temperature in March is 59, rising to 64 in May but that’s misleading because it measures temperatures over 24 hours and what you want to know is: what will it be like in the daytime? Because nights can be chilly; at two in the morning it can be as low as 50 in March and, while that would be pleasant enough in Chicago, it isn’t what you’re coming to Valle de Guadalupe for. During the day, March temperatures hit 70, which is much more enjoyable – warm enough for shorts and a T-shirt but not so hot that walking becomes a chore.

What You’ll See

The great thing about vineyards is the way they change with the seasons and if we’re honest we’d say: come four times a year so that you see the vineyards and the country in all their multi-faceted glory. Spring, though, is a special time; there are no grapes yet, and won’t be for a few months, but the vines (which were pruned at the end of last season) have begun to send forth their green shoots of new growth and, with any luck, you’ll see the first flowers.

What You’ll Eat - and Drink

Baja winery tours make sure that we are not on the road at mealtimes because wine is made to be drunk with a meal – it’s the perfect companion to good food – and we give you every opportunity to tour one or more vineyards with a knowledgeable guide so that you understand what is happening and why and then we sit you down for a tasting and something delicious to eat.

 Mexico wine tours

Mexico wine tours

Why Valle de Guadalupe?

Did you know that Mexico is the oldest wine-growing region in America? Wine has been made here since the Spaniards arrived with vine clippings from Europe five hundred years ago. Then immigrants from Italy and Russia brought more cuttings. Not much of Baja California’s wine is exported so to have that pleasure you need to visit. Get in touch with us today and book your tour.